Did we claim victory to soon? A fellow reader Gerhard DK5MY sent us this information over the weekend. Since a couple of weeks he has spotted a 24/7 active wideband signal ranging from 144.400 to 145.000MHz.

Wideband signal spotted on Sept. 19th

Depending on days the signal is sometimes wider, on Spetember 23rd Gerhard said the signal was a bit wider, from 144.300 to 145.100MHz

The rapid pulsing frequency hoping signal signal looks like a spread spectrum and can hardly be identified using regular amateur radio gear. Only an SDR capable equipement with real time spectrum an waterfall display will make it visible. To regular radios this will just be heard like regular noise distrubance. High end ham gear might be able to cope with it in SSB or CW using Noise Blanking, however FM based transmissions might suffer from it.

DK5MY says the signal seems to originate from plain west from his location in JN57NS, that would make it originating somewhere in France maybe. The source of the signal has not been identified yet. The BNetzA (German Telecommunication Agency) is investigating the issue. Any ham with the appropriate gear is welcomed to try to locate the source of the signal and to report it to their national telecomunication agencies.

Image and video courtesy of Gerhard DK5MY

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