The Ankara CEPT meeting is over and the outcome is very positive, at least for the 2 meter amateur band. Many unofficial sources, are saying 2 meter has been saved!

France/Thales were asked to rewrite their proposal with any mention of 144-146MHz to be removed. The non safety aeronautical transmission study will be taken within the next 4 years. 144-146MHz will not be included in this study and the threat against the 2m band has been removed!

This all not official for now; the official position will be posted over next week on the CEPT Website.

We would like to thank all of the organizations who fought together on this matter. A special thank to IARU and DARC for their thorough work. Their common-sensed documents might have made the difference. Why spend time on a CEPT study that simple radio propagation formulas can predict?

While we have won this fight we should stay alert and we urge every radio amateur to use the VHF/UHF bands, stop complaining about other amateur’s activities, remain civilised in our conversations and to act as an Elmer for newbies. On 144MHz we have EME operators, CW, SSB & digital DX’ers, amateur satellite users, FM & digital voice simplex users and repeaters. Each of these amateur activities utilises the 144MHz band in a different way, but we all use it. The “use it or lose it” saying has never been so true.



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