Promoting and defending the 2m Amateur Band

France defeated! Thales and their drones will stay off the 2m band!

The Ankara CEPT meeting is over and the outcome is very positive, at least for the 2 meter amateur band. Many unofficial sources, are saying 2 meter has been saved!

France/Thales were asked to rewrite their proposal with any mention of 144-146MHz to be removed. The non safety aeronautical transmission study will be taken within the next 4 years. 144-146MHz will not be included in this study and the threat against the 2m band has been removed!

This all not official for now; the official position will be posted over next week on the CEPT Website.

We would like to thank all of the organizations who fought together on this matter. A special thank to IARU and DARC for their thorough work. Their common-sensed documents might have made the difference. Why spend time on a CEPT study that simple radio propagation formulas can predict?

While we have won this fight we should stay alert and we urge every radio amateur to use the VHF/UHF bands, stop complaining about other amateur’s activities, remain civilised in our conversations and to act as an Elmer for newbies. On 144MHz we have EME operators, CW, SSB & digital DX’ers, amateur satellite users, FM & digital voice simplex users and repeaters. Each of these amateur activities utilises the 144MHz band in a different way, but we all use it. The “use it or lose it” saying has never been so true.



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