Promoting and defending the 2m Amateur Band

EURAO: Claiming for 2m party!

Now that 2m is saved, at least until the next attack, EURAO wants to capitalise on this suddne interest on 2m.

This is meant to be a QSO party, not a contest and is intended to occupy the band. We claimed the 2m band is heavily used, so use it. The rule are simple, choose your mode and frequency and call “CQ Eurao Party!”.

The party will take place from september 28th 00:00UTC to september 29th 24:00UTC. All the details can be found on the EURAO website. Dutch VERON held a similar action right at the start of the 2m crisis.

We strongly support such actions and urge everyone to participate and also to use the 2m band (and others) the more often as possible.

If we might formulate a suggestion about the APRS part of it, we would recommend that contacts are held via messaging.

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