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Germany slams french proposal

Just when the french administration might think they can get away with their poor response to the IARU, they just have been, once again, reminded that physic laws are the same for all of us. Lately (August 26th), Germany submitted a document that largely resembles the IARU one. The document has been written by German amateur organization DARC but is being endorsed by German administration. Why should only Thales be allowed to come up with official documents?

This paper basically says the same thing as the IARU one, it is obvious that both service will suffer from a large amount interference from each other. However, it only focuses on calculating the approximate level which might be received by a flying aircraft or by an amateur station. Interesting pictures show what is the coverage radius of a 1w EIRP Transmitter flying at 10000m. It demonstrates that at this altitude an aircraft flying over would be heard with pretty good signals in a radius of up to 500km away. Thus, an aircraft flying over Berlin might be received in Prageu or Copenhague.

Coverage of aircraft flying at an altitude of 10000m

On their website, the DARC also reminds us that whatever comes out, we need to focus on 2m and continue using it as much as possible with innovative experiments and at last but not at least some serious resilient emergency infrastructure.

Screen capture of DARC Website


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