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Austrian regulator to reject 2m reallocation

Wow! Things are moving! The Austrian radio regulation authority BMVIT has informed the Austrian national amateur organization ÖVSV that they’ll reject the french proposal to reallocate 144-146MHz to Aeronautical Mobile service.

The original news can be found on the ÖVSV website. For the non german readers we offer our native speaker translation.

The BMVIT has comfirmed to ÖVSV that, as a representant of Austria at the upcoming CEPT-CG meeting in august, the frequencies 144-146MHz shall be taken out of the UAS (Drone). We received feedback that other countries will also take up this position

In order to be adopted, the French proposal shall not have more than 6 countries voting against it. We already have 2 (Germany and Austria), still 4 to find !

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