Promoting and defending the 2m Amateur Band

IBPT to reject french 2m proposal

The national amateur radio association UBA had a meeting with the Belgian telecommunication government agency IBPT. During this meeting UBA exposed their point of view to IBPT.

UBA said to IBPT:

Our point of view is that coexisting between primary AMATEUR and SATELLITE AMATEUR services and AERONAUTICAL MOBILE service will result in numerous interference at the expense of all services.

Currently, AMATEUR and AMATEUR SATELLITE are the only primary services in this band throughout all the 3 ITU regions. It is also the only band where radio amateur have exclusive status all over the world.

Amateurs have created band plans to coordinate traffic in this band. Thus, we have found room for low power signals users (DX, propagation research, EME …), for high power users (DX, EME), repeaters and beacons users required lots of investment from radio amateurs. The amount of radio amateurs possessing an equipment in this band is estimated to 75%.

The AMATEUR SATELLITE service is intensively using this band in every region and for satellites of every country. Those satellites are already active and their life span ranges from 1 to 25 years. Not only are those satellites used as communication repeaters between amateurs, they also serve for education and experiment purposes. The amateur station onboard the ISS regularly makes ARISS contacts with schools. It also happened 2 times that NASA asked radio amateurs to listen for the ISS because regular communications have been broken.

IBPT said that they share this point of view and will defend it in the next CEPT meeting in Ankara.

Belgium is the third country that will oppose the french proposal. Germany and Austria already did.


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