Promoting and defending the 2m Amateur Band

Spain might also say no to French proposal

Fran EA4FRI twitted this information to us. Several Spanish amateur organizations met with the Secretary of State for Digital Development. They discussed the 2m crisis and other topics where we believe Thales touch can be spotted afar.

The State Secretary described the french proposal as an “accumulation of nonsense” (sic). Thus the Spanish amateur organization have good hope that Spain will vote against the proposal in Ankara in in august.

Is spain votes against the french 2m proposal, it will join 3 other countries who already took position against it. Those countries are Germany, Austria and Belgium. In order to fail, the proposal shall not have more than 6 votes against it and at least 10 votes approving it.

The linked news on the FEDI website also mentions the 50MHz case and that it was intended to open it to amateur as a primary service from 50-54MHz, aligning it to the rest of the world. However this ended up to be 50 to 52MHz and secondary as some countries (France is among them) were reluctant. In a response to a public consultation back in November 2018 Thales answered that they were against this proposal and this was the position adopted by France.

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