Promoting and defending the 2m Amateur Band

CEPT Ankara Meeting Calendar

The calendar of the upcoming CEPT Meeting in Ankara has been published. A list of attendees is also available.

The meeting organizer is a representative of the BNetzA, the German administration which is the only one that objected to the reallocation of the 2m band to Aeronautical Mobile Service at the previous Prague meeting.

Among the french representatives there are two Thales employees: Mr Jean Francois Migeon and Mr Yvon Livran.

Mr Jean Francois Migeon is employed as Chief Officer Spectrum Management at Thales while Mr Yvon Livran is employed as a Spectrum Policy Manager . Mr Livran is also a Thales representative at the ITU.

The French administration is also sending some of their Top Notch staff. Mr Jean Pierre Le Pesteur, Member of the ANFR Board will also attend. Le Pesteur has a background in various roles in french government agencies, especially the French Ministry of Defense.

This list might grow in the future so we will monitor it closely.

July 10th 2019 Update: Some new names have been added to the attendees list.

Mr Emmanuel Faussurier is an employee of the french governement agency ANFR. He is believed to be a co-writer of the Thales originated resolution proposal.

July 15th 2019 Update: More names have been added to the list.

  • Mr Rodolphe Quemerais: In charge of spectrum management at the DGNUM. DGNUM is part of the french ministry of army dealing with all the digital aspects of the military.
  • Mr Jean Claude Di Fazio: Office Chief at the DGNUM
  • Mr Jérome Andre: Head of Spectrum Engineering at government agency ANFR. He has in the past worked on drones projects. Does this have a link with the Stratobus?


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